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General Clothing

Rowing is practiced all year, through all seasons. It is important that you are dressed for the weather on that day. Large bulky clothing is not allowed as this can impair your rowing training. It will soak up large amounts of water so will not keep you warm, and in an event of a capsize could seriously hinder your ability to stay afloat.

There are many modern fabrics that allow maximum warmth with little bulk, it is better to wear a few light layers than one thick layer. Air is trapped between layers and acts as in insulator. You can take layers off and put them back on in response to the training to keep you comfortable.

Modern fabrics are designed to wick moisture away from the body to stop chilling when exercise is stopped.  Waterproofs are essential during winter to keep you dry; even if it is not raining you will very likely get splashed by the blades. It is important that this water does not reach the skin and lower your body temperature. Make sure the waterproof you get is designed for rowing to allow maximum movement and also to allow the perspiration through sweating to escape away from the body.

A Neck Warmer, Pogies and a hat is highly recommended during winter months. Scarves are not allowed as these could cause strangulation, gloves are also not allowed.

Always have a towel and it is encouraged that you shower after training. This can be done at the playing field changing rooms. A dry set of clothes to go home in is necessary.

Clothing that can be purchased from the school shop:

Compulsory School Rowing Kit

All-in-one (Jnr 3rd & 4th Year, Senior 5th & 6th Form)

Rowing leggings

Short-sleeved racing top

Splash top

Highly recommended

Long-sleeved racing top (when racing the whole crew must have the same tops on)

Training fleece


From an outside retailer, such as Millets, you can purchase hats, neck warmers and thermal clothing suitable for outdoor activities.   Note: you can get a discount at Cotswold Leisure using a voucher from the Bristish Rowing website.



To order, click on the button

It has been decided after trialing new kit last season that the school will be changing supplier to Pontoon Sports for its rowing kit. Primarily this is due to Pontoon offering a higher specification kit due to constantly developing its technical sportswear. With this change it has also been decided to update the kit so that it is consistent with the rest of the school’s PE and games kit. Please note, current rowing kit will still be acceptable to wear there is no expectation for current rowers to purchase new kit.

The following items of rowing kit are required;

1. Rowing all-in-one (3rd and 4th form – JUNIOR, crested front )

(5th and 6th form – SENIOR, crested front and KGS lettering on the back)

2. Black – Performance Base layer (short sleeve)

3. Splash jacket – grey & red

Highly recommended;

1. Black – Performance Base layer (long sleeve)

2. Black Leggings

3. Pogies (order from Godfrey, crewroom or Rock the Boat)

The ordering procedure will remain as in previous years. A window time for our KGS club order has been organised and will be open from Sunday 12th October until Sunday 19th October.

The advantage of ordering as a club is that a discount will be applicable; the amount of discount received will be dependent on the final units ordered. You will be charged a 10 pence verification fee, with the total amount for the order being charged at the end of the order window. After this date items that are ordered individually will be a lot more expensive.